Sillapakorn university


Silapakorn university is my choice to study because it is a good university in Thailand this university is about Art and it have a many choices , such as product design interior design and applied art and I want to study applied art

How to study in this university . Has a two ways toget in this university

1.Use a port folio


But it very to get in because there are many people who want to study in this university i mast practice and practice

everyday .


More than glass

Hi, I have a new opportunity to sold something in a market and i chose to paint glass and sold it .DSC_0446_s

How to paint glass…….

  1.  Sketch the picture on the glass with the pigma pen.

2. Trace the line with glass paint but don’t use to much color

because it hard to dry and hard to control.


3. Paint  the glass with glass paint but don’t use so much it will dry in about 15-30 min.

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I love to go to Japan because it is a beautiful and very clean city . It is a developed city and people in Japan have a lot of discipline. Japan has a lot of beautiful city such as Hokkaido and Osaka


Osaka is a city in japan and it japan third largest and second most important city because it is an old capital city.

Hokkaido is the most norther and least developed of japan four main island. The weather is hard in winter and a there is

lot of snowfall , many people come to go skiing this city

finally i think Japan it is a good place to travel ,and you how about for you

“Where is a good place in the world?”



Have you ever felt pain in you life? This time i am going to tell about my pain story.

When i was 11 me and my friend  were playing together.  Suddenly I push him very hard and then he used “a samurai sword”(metal ruler) hit on my back. I felt likes a sword stabed through my heart. My body was laying down on the ground. I can’t move , my body doesn’t felt any thing

This is a true story but the really real thing is my wand it was smaller than my pinkey and he doesn’t used samurai sword but he used  metal ruler.



I love to play football very much because football teach any thing to me such as

  1. 1)How to create game went we want to attack and defence.
  2. 2)We must use teamwork to play it because foot ball is play in 11player
  3. eaches you to ‘think on the run’
  4. helps to increase skills in concentration, persistence and self-discipline
  5. is a great way to meet people and exercise with friends
  6. can provide an opportunity to increase your confidence and self-esteem, and help to reduce anxiety
  7. requires very little equipment so it can be played in the backyard or park
  8. is relatively easy to learn, so beginners can easily join in the fun and play basic soccer for recreation

and the last one

11800456_143862125949522_188189051332474411_nI can play with friend that i love



job shadowing

HI, this post about job shadowing. job shadowing is a project that give you an opportunity to study about job that your  interesting in.

I have five day to study about job that it interesting and i chose to learn about product design.   Pana Design

i learn about …………..

1)How to sketch product design . Every products must start from box and then we will sketch the product inside it. when we start from a box it will be the correct size and easy to sketch

2)I learned about how to create some products. what we want to create some products to solve the problems.

  • First we have to find how to stop these problems in many ways and list it.
  • Then we choose the best way and create the product from that way.

Product design job can be used in many jobs that use creativity to do. Product Design teaches us hoe to think like a product designer thinks.

I think it is 50/50 I will do this job in the future

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-my work-

photo 5

hi  this is my artwork. i did it  at school with water colors it took me a two week

i was inspired by teacher mod. he is teaching me about water color and how to use it.

at the first i wasn’t good at water color but now i think its better than past. now it always makes me feel good when i look at it and i hope it will make you feel good too.

finally i want to tell you

” if i can do it you can do it “