job shadowing

HI, this post about job shadowing. job shadowing is a project that give you an opportunity to study about job that your  interesting in.

I have five day to study about job that it interesting and i chose to learn about product design.   Pana Design

i learn about …………..

1)How to sketch product design . Every products must start from box and then we will sketch the product inside it. when we start from a box it will be the correct size and easy to sketch

2)I learned about how to create some products. what we want to create some products to solve the problems.

  • First we have to find how to stop these problems in many ways and list it.
  • Then we choose the best way and create the product from that way.

Product design job can be used in many jobs that use creativity to do. Product Design teaches us hoe to think like a product designer thinks.

I think it is 50/50 I will do this job in the future

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                                                                                 Good bye



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